CruiserCruiser Lounge Chair in Oak colour leg, Pearl colour Crinoline fabric W740 D820 H810 450
NitroNitro Lounge Chair in Black colour leg, Jungle Green colour Delaine fabric W765 D900 H915 SH455
UtaUta Lounge Chair in Walnut colour frame, Ruby colour Scarlet fabric W660 D790 H850 SH450
VeronicVeronic Lounge Chair in Oak colour frame, Forrest colour Barras fabric W645 D685 H760 SH413





Caring For Upholstered Furniture

Flip your seats and back cushions periodically to extend the life of your cushions so that both sides wear evenly through the years. As most of our upholstery are made of foam, it is also advisable to shake them regularly to ensure stability.

Keeping My Fabric And Leather Last

It is important to take note of the placement of your furniture. Direct sunlight can damage the fabric and leather's original brightness and texture. It makes the material brittle and weak, so make sure to avoid exposing your furniture to direct sunlight.

Maintaining Metal Shine

Metal surfaces have good resistance to dirt and liquids, but prolonged exposure to water can stain metal and even stainless steel, so it is important to keep metal surfaces dry. Dusting should be done with a soft, cotton cloth or towel.