Why NestNordic.com:

The creation of unique concise aesthetics of Northern countries has driven the world to emulate and turned the Scandinavian into a symbolic style throughout the world. The charisma of aesthetics has been widely spread continuously until they impart huge influence on our modern design industry and resulted in the birth of “minimalism”. NestNordic.com plans to expand NestNordic.com Lifestyle Concept Store to 30 cities in 10 urban-minded countries in 3 years time. Now, there are 5 flagship NestNordic.com Lifestyle Concept Stores which are part of a committed and enthusiastic team that makes NestNordic.com keep developing.


What NestNordic.com Offers:

Each year, NestNordic.com Furniture Research & Design Centre will come out with the Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winder series of collection. The design team launches about 100 new products every year into the market to provide fresh new look to the whole collection.

Our NestNordic.com concept store configuration and conceptual decorating display are based on the professional setup design provided by our Visual Merchandising team. Strategically, we have a set of product display procedure that illuminates an eye-catching effect to push for impulsive purchase. We even add in certain implicit interchangeable items that could create a fresh new look to stimulate purchase desire of the consumers. This approach will always demonstrate some entertaining fresh new look in our displays to attract customer to visit to our lifestyle store.

The concept of product development, advertising and brand marketing strategies, digital and online marketing distribution are the main focus of NestNordic.com. In additional to these, NestNordic.com also involves in various TV programme sponsorship in order to boost the brand and make it into a well-known global brand in few years time.

We are looking for result-oriented business partners who are as dedicated about NestNordic.com as we are. With full knowledge and understanding on the operation of NestNordic.com Lifestyle Concept Store, we welcome you to join us as part of our NestNoridic.com family. If your interest for a NestNordic.com partnership is evoked, please send us an e-mail with relevant information about your store and we will contact you in order to continue the dialogue. Please send the e-mail to sales@nestnordic.com.


How to be NestNordic.com:

We know from experience that the capital and competencies that are required to become a successful NestNordic.com Lifestyle Concept Store partners as below:-

  • You would need a showroom space of minimum 400 sqm with a 4 meter height ceiling.

  • The showroom shall provide convenience parking. You may spot the showroom inside premises of business building or shopping area with high volume of traffic / crowd that is near to the exclusive and modern residential areas.

  • It would be better if there are more new housing project within a circumference of 50 km of showroom.

  • Depending on size and location, the total start up investment required for a showroom is between USD 150,000 – USD 350,000.

  • You are willing and have the capacity to open 1- 3 showrooms within a same city.

  • You have an optimistic and positive attitude towards employee involvement and are willing to motivate your employees.

  • You understand that you are a team member of a NestNordic.com and you develop your business according to the concept.


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Caring For Upholstered Furniture

Flip your seats and back cushions periodically to extend the life of your cushions so that both sides wear evenly through the years. As most of our upholstery are made of foam, it is also advisable to shake them regularly to ensure stability.

Keeping My Fabric And Leather Last

It is important to take note of the placement of your furniture. Direct sunlight can damage the fabric and leather's original brightness and texture. It makes the material brittle and weak, so make sure to avoid exposing your furniture to direct sunlight.

Maintaining Metal Shine

Metal surfaces have good resistance to dirt and liquids, but prolonged exposure to water can stain metal and even stainless steel, so it is important to keep metal surfaces dry. Dusting should be done with a soft, cotton cloth or towel.